Instance features is not your yet another instance with defaults. It is packed with small, but groundbreaking modifications. This page lists all of them.

On top of the regular Mastodon features like per-post visibility, content warnings and real time feed, has the following features.

Mastodon Bird UI

Mastodon Bird UI is something I've been designing since March, 2023. It's a new kind of modern Mastodon UI, inspired by Twitter UI in its good era. Yes, I know, the word bird and Twitter may be a turn-off for some, but I actually like what Twitter made to its UI in 2021. The changes after that are not that good, so I took the UI in 2021 as an inspiration and created this:

The UI can be found on GitHub and its updates can be followed under hashtags #BirdUI and #MastodonBirdUI on Mastodon.

Multiple Site themes

On you get to choose from two major themes with variations:

  • Original Mastodon UI (Dark, Light and High contrast versions)

  • Mastodon Bird UI (Dark, Light, High contrast, Ultra accessible versions)

Ultra accessible theme

On our instance we have focused to accessibility with a special touch towards users with acromatopsia, vision impairment or age vision. Mastodon Bird UI (Ultra accessible) theme consists of features such as

  • Hashtags, links and mentions are in different colors

  • Contrast is even starker than in default High contrast themes, black background with white text

  • Font sizes are much larger throughout the site

  • The font size is even larger on mobile

  • All input boxes and modals have color to distinguish them from the background

  • All colors are tested with a contrast checker and with a real person so that they have sufficient contrast ratios

Default Mastodon has small link previews for URLs. I wanted to make them big and was inspired by this ongoing feature request. This is actually now in the Mastodon core, so our instance just follows the core card, but styles it to be more minimal.

Top and bottom bar scroll out of the way

A subtle change, suggested by ikkeT. See the post presenting it. See JavaScript changes here and Style changes here.

Allow max. 15 hashtags in the advanced interface columns

The default Mastodon Advanced interface allows 4 hashtags per column. We allow 15. There is a closed issue that is still an issue on 4.1.4.

Lots of custom emojis has a lot of custom emojis. You can also request your own by sending a post to @rolle. Good emoji source: Slackmojis.

Polls with 15 options and 150 character limit per option

Default Mastodon allows max. 4 options and 50 character limit per option. I have increased them so that posting polls is not too strict.

Increased character limit to 10000 characters

Mastodon's default is 500. We have 10000. Never have to think about the lenght of your posts any more.

Show full comment, boost and fav amounts in posts instead of just "1+" or nothing

The Vanilla Mastodon doesn't show these amounts and will likely never show them natively as per this comment. However as an OCD person the metrics matter so on you'll see full amount of comments. (Related issue on Mastodon)

Metrics show up on Explore, Bookmarks and Favourites from 31st of July, 2023. Comment count is accurate everywhere.

Please note, currently this is reversed to default due to unreliable method.

Extended full-text post and account search

By default Mastodon searches only for your own posts and the ones you have answered to, if that. Search provided by Elasticsearch. On you can search all posts the Mastodon instance is aware of, from the users who want to be found ("Include public posts in search results" enabled on settings). This is actually now in the Mastodon core, so our instance just follows the core feature.

DeepL translations

For posts other than your language (set in profile) a "Translate" link is shown, by pressing it you can see accurate translation provided by DeepL.

500 posts on the Explore tab

By default Mastodon shows 100 posts on the Explore tab. We show 500.

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