About Mementomori.social

What makes Mementomori.social different from other Mastodon instances? Why should I register to mementomori.social? Who is administering it? Read more about the instance here.

Mementomori.social is an experimental Mastodon instance hosted by a Finnish web developer Roni "Rolle" Laukkarinen with two decades of server and web experience. The instance is financially backed and sponsored by a Finnish web agency Digitoimisto Dude Oy.

So that's that, the short introduction. Now that we got over it, it's time to change the narrative to first person.

Experimental nature

What do you mean "experimental"? Well, mementomori.social is not "Vanilla Mastodon" without any modifications, if you will. I like to try out the latest things, so that's why Mastodon version I run is bleeding edge, although always working version. More about features on Instance features page.

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